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Umino Iruka

Parent-Sensei Conferences
Halfway mark

Never again. Not even upon threat of death. Sandaime-sama, forgive me, but this was the worst possible thing you could have done to me. Iruka sighed and winced as Shun Tomeko's mother reprimanded him yet again. Apparently the little girl had told her mother of the punishment they'd received for the exploding water jutsu and the woman was currently letting Iruka know just how foolish it was to stunt the growth of an obviously talented little girl.

Half listening, Iruka let his eyes scan the crowded mission room. The other chuunin instructors had been approaching him nearly every five minutes with similar problems. It seemed the parents this year were less than pleased with the behavior of the chuunin instructors. Which meant Iruka having to travel between stations more than he thought was necessary. Does no one handle their own problems? he groused, recalling a father earlier who had threatened to -- how had he put it? -- jutsu his ass into a storage closet if he tried to reprimand his son ever again.

Iruka's mood darkened. He should have made the timetables shorter. He could see Ino and Chouji far across the room. By his schedule -- or the one he'd attempted to follow -- they should have come by to pick up his current parent a few minutes ago. But he'd lost track of when the time began to slip. Not that it mattered. These people had a habit of following their own set schedule.

He had been meaning to check on Naruto's progress all through the conference but each time he managed to find a few minutes, someone else called for his attention. The most interaction he received was from either Sakura or Kabuto as they handed him a student's scroll. TenTen and Sasuke were outside the building as far as he knew. He hadn't seen much of them since the conference began. Otherwise, he saw only parents. He found very few this year to be understanding.

Iruka sighed and yelped when Tomeko's mother swatted him with her program, complaining that if he couldn't pay attention to one parent's concerns, how in the hell could he teach a room full of impressionable young children? I'll let you know the minute I find such a room, he grumbled.

He rubbed his head and sighed again. He should have made Genma do this. Or Kakashi. The thought of the masked jounin taking over this task forced him to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Not good. Not good at all.

He rerolled Tomeko's scroll and offered his kindest smile to her mother. I'm not coming back to this school for a week after this. Though, watching the dragon-lady across from him suddenly fall silent and blush was somewhat worth it. "Tomeko-chan is a brilliant girl and I have no doubt she'll pass to genin quickly." As long as she stops trying to flood my classroom with half-formed jutsu.

Never, ever again.

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