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Parent/Sensei Conferences

Morning of the Parent/Sensei Conferences
Location: Iruka's classroom

The clock to Iruka's right read three just a few minutes before seven in the morning. Later in the afternoon, the rush of parents and dignitaries would threaten to overwhelm him. He still couldn't understand why Sandaime-sama had left the entire operation in his hands. I'm surprised I survived to this point.

The clatter of steps and murmured voices broke through his thoughts. He took his gaze from the mocking clock to find his crew standing and waiting at the edge of his desk. Well, they're all here now. Might as well get the painful part over with. Iruka glanced momentarily at Kakashi but could read nothing in the single eye. Genma merely twitched his senbon.

With a sigh, Iruka stood up from behind his desk. He held six black scrolls, their faded gold cords tickling the backs of his hands. "This afternoon is the yearly parent/sensei conference for the academy. As you've no doubt heard -- maybe even witnessed -- this event can be a bit . . . tense. As a result, the Hokage has offered your services for the remainder of the day. Your jounin instructors will also be on hand for the event." He was far from surprised by the varying reactions on the faces of the genin.

He held up one scroll. "Sasuke-kun. I'm pairing you with Ten-Ten-chan. The two of you will escort the children into the academy. They need to be away from their parents while they sit with a sensei. Which means you need to keep the children . . . organized in order to reunite them with their parents once they've completed their sessions. The conference usually only lasts until ten but there's always the chance for it to go longer." He handed to the scroll to Sasuke who took it with little preamble.

The next. "Sakura-chan. I'm pairing you with Kabuto-kun. The two of you will aid me with distributing the student files. You'll be responsible for keeping them in order and handing out the correct ones. The scrolls we'll be dealing with today need to be kept sealed until asked for. Remember that. Once the scrolls are examined and the session is completed, collect it and return it to the appropriate scroll stands, locking them once again." Sakura wrinkled her nose a bit but like Sasuke, took the scroll without complaint.

"Shikamaru-kun. I'm pairing you with Naruto-kun. I want the two of you to aid in escorting our more esteemed visitors to the waiting areas. There is a general assembly halfway through the conference and they need to be kept . . . comfortable until that time. Try to --" he paused and sucked in a breath. "Tempers are short during this time so try to be aware of that."

"Ino-chan. I'm pairing you with Chouji-kun. I'd like the two of you assist with guiding the parents to their sessions. Your mission scroll also contains the timetable so follow that closely. It's important that we not lag in this. There are quite a few families that will show tonight." He handed the scroll to the blonde genin, offering an encouraging smile as he did so.

"Last but not least, Kakashi-sensei and Genma-sensei. Kakashi-sensei, I'd like you to monitor the genin as needed during the night. I'll also need you to aid in escorting now and again. Genma-sensei, I'd like you to supervise Sakura-chan and Kabuto-kun." He grinned weakly. "I'll need all the help I can get in that arena. But like Kakashi-sensei, I may need your help with some other things during the conference." The last of the scrolls soon found their way into the hands of the jounin.

"The conference will begin at three this afternoon so that gives you some time to prepare." Iruka swallowed a sigh and felt his shoulders slump a bit. Now the hard part. "Well? Any questions?"

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