Hatake Kakashi (ecchi_copynin) wrote in real_naruto,
Hatake Kakashi

[MOD POST: Further Techie Instructions]

Sorry for the rapid spammage... here's some more instructions for how the interactions will work:

1) Decide among the two/three of you who will make the first post to real_naruto. It can be as simple or complex as you want. Make sure you observe RP rules: no controlling of other characters, etc. The other characters will comment in that same post. [We're not sure if this is the best way of handling the interactions between two or more charas... if you run into problems, then please let us know.]

2) All posts made about this event, whether in the comm lj or chara ljs, are to be tagged 'parent-sensei conferences phase I' to avoid confusion later on. Read more about tags here, or drop us a comment in ooc_real_naruto if you have any questions about how to do this.

How do I decide whether my post goes into the chara lj or the comm lj?

Our rule is this: if it's a 'general call' to most of the community, and you want to initiate RP between other players, then put it in real_naruto. If it's 'private,' or directed at one other RPer (ie: Sasuke wants only TenTen to respond to this...), then put it in the chara lj.

Get RPing~! Deadline is soon! If your team hasn't responded yet, then contact the mods personally by email.
Tags: mod post, parent-sensei conferences phase i
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