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Parent-Sensei Conferences: Phase One!

Team: Uchiha Sasuke and Tenten

She was really getting bored.

Tenten and Sasuke had collected the last of the children precisely ten minutes ago, and proceeded to explain the rules and boundaries of the game. Well, Tenten had explained the rules. She'd let Sasuke handle the boundaries; she thought he would be fairly good at expressing the 'don't go out of the boundaries or you will be in trouble' sentiment.

She particularly liked how thoughts of the unspoken, but assured, 'trouble' went through each and every child.

Makoto had been particularly obediant after that; he had a better idea of what 'trouble' was when it came to Tenten, and Sasuke was just plain scary.

After they had split the students into two teams (which involved a minor incident with a student named Takako, who was displeased when the two nin did not name her leader of her team, which was more or less solved when Sasuke twitched and Tenten's hands slipped to her favorite kunai) Tenten had given them a cheery closing statement of, "We'll be watching, so remember the rules, kiddikins!" and the two nin had promptly vanished.

Tenten had gone to the west of the school field, which was populated with a variety of trees and shrubs, and settled into a large oak tree. She had only bothered to ascertain Sasuke's general direction before setting up a system of mirrors in the branches so she could see in all directions without needing to do much; afterwards she'd managed to get a more precise location with minimal effort. She suspected she would have much more difficulty if he ever decided he actually wanted to conceal himself from her; for the time being, she didn't worry about it too much.

From there it was fairly simple. The kiddikins had plotted and so far done nothing but 'conceal' themselves. She knew where all of them were, and was restraining herself from throwing pebbles at them to freak them out...

She seriously hoped one of the teams would go for the other's 'flag' (a kunai with a bit of string about it, hidden by the teams) soon, or she would be a very bored kunoichi.

OOC: So, I guess I'll post the 'rules' of the little game the kiddikins are playing for the sake of Sasuke-san and I and...anyone who reads this! XD;

The playing field: as described above, a forest-y area by the school...I guess it can be 100ft by 100ft unless anyone wants something different. ^^; Sasuke and Tenten have set up the boundaries with kunais dug into the ground. They split up to different sides and are basically just making sure no one kills eachother...and we'll throw problems to them from there. <3 What fun!

The teams are even, with about...um, we'll say fourteen students on each side, until Iruka-sensei comes and beats me upside the head with the real number.

Sasuke-kun and I will be playing the students, unles a mod decides to beat us upside the head and say otherwise. XD; -sees pattern-

Anyways, if someone from another team (they are wearing blue armbands on Tenten's side of the field, red on Sasuke's) touches you with a weapon, you are 'dead'. And must go to the center of the field, out of the game. Tenten and Sasuke will be enforcing this rule...If they (Tenten, mostly) get too bored, they can call out 'life' to make the 'dead' kiddikens be back in-game.

The flags were hidden by the teams, and are kunais with bits of string around 'em, blue for the team near Tenten, and red for the one near Sasuke...

<3 All they have to do is find the flag and bring it successfully back to their 'base'...where their flag is hidden.

The academy students suck at hiding, when compared to the two on the mission, sooo...we'll know when they do all of this. XD; But there will be problems later, yes.

Tenten's main rule in the game was 'no killing or major wounds'...only small cuts and bruises. Traps allowed. <3
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