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P+T Conferences: Phase One.

Ino's sure taking her sweet time to get here, Chouji thought, a tad bitterly. He had already escorted better than 6 different sets of parents to their respected sessions, and each one had seen fit to lecture or preach to him on whatever they saw fit (the most popular sermons seemed to involve their ability to get to the sessions on their own [then they would promptly head in the wrong direction], his weight, and how wonderful their child was.)

It's not like it was too terrible--Chouji was tuning them out, for the most part, but with the constant stream of parents arriving, it was involving a lot of running back and forth, and Chouji didn't think Iruka would want an out-of-breath ninja greeting the parents.

He stood by the front door, smiled as he greeted another set of parents, and mentally ordered Ino to get to butt over here.

[OOC: I hope this is satisfactory?]
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