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Parent-Sensei Conferences: Phase One!

Parent-Sensei Conferences: Phase One

He really started to understand why the parent-sensei conferences were held only once a year. He had read a file of last year's conference, where in they stated that there had been only 17 injured, which of 6 were serious. No wonder no chuunin had ever led the conference twice. Though, if someone would be able to get through it without any casualties, then it would be Iruka.

He winked to Sakura and Kabuto to follow, as he made his way towards the storage room. When they arrived at the storage room he took out the key and unlocked the door.

-"The files of about 4000 students, in other words all the ones that have entered the academy on a 10 years time, are stored in here. The older ones are in the back, and today we only need the newest ones, so you wont need to go very far."

He slid the door open, granting the two kids a view of the room.

-"The ones we need are on the left shelf next to the door."

While Kabuto and Sakura entered the room, he pulled out 2 lists from his left pocket, and quickly looked through the to confirm that they were the right ones. It wouldn't do to give them something top secret, he even didn't want to know what the consequences would be if that happened.

-"Ok, hey listen up brats, on these list there are the names of the student, their sensei, and the time-line to when the file has to be delivered."

He handed out the lists, and noticed when Sakura nodded in approval. Oh, he almost, almost, felt sorry for them.

-"Of course thats only a small part of the all files to be delivered, I'll hand out the next lists after you're finished with the old one. Anyways... The conference is starting shortly, so you should get started now."


Sakura's List

1. Student: Hyyuga Hanabi, Teacher: Umino Iruka, Time-line: 7.00PM

2. Student: Kiyazaki Kokoro, Teacher: Kimiharo Kanna, Time-line: 7.05PM



(and so on)

Kabuto's List

1. Student: ---- Konohamaru, Teacher: Umino Iruka, Time-line: 7.30PM

2. Student: ---- Inari, Teacher: Umino Iruka, Time-line: 7.45PM


(and so on)


OOC: Phew... I wrote it once all the way to the lists, and then accidentally deleted it O.O Gaah, I re wrote it... I hope I didn't forget anything... Anyways, I hope this is good enough. Oh, and that teacher, Kimiharo Kanna, she's just some random teacher that we probably wont be hearing about anymore.

And the lists are just pointers. I thought that since I'm 'the supervisor' I should be giving the assignments. But, you're the RP'ers so its up to you.

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