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We've now got starting posts from #1 (Sasuke, TenTen), #2 (Chouji), and #4 (Genma). Kabuto and Sakura I've seen around recently and am sure that they will post soon. Ino and Itachi are on leave, hopefully we'll get them back soon.

Missing In Action:
- #3 (Naruto, Shikamaru)
- Jiyaira

Please update us with your status ASAP, and especially whether or not you will be able to make the Wednesday deadline. I don't mind the comments to the posts going on after this date, but you do need to get your initial post in soon.

Jiyaira, seeing that Itachi probably won't be back until phase II (this may work to our advantage, actually ^.~), Kakashi can RP with you, as you miraculously appear to booster the lack of ANBU presence in the village. *shrug* Kakashi will be meeting with the sole ANBU member monitoring Konoha that night, so if you are able to think of a likely scenario, then just post it to the comm and I'll follow suit.

Naruto and Shikamaru, we haven't heard from you recently, so please tell us if you need more guidance. Heck, just tell us that you're still alive. Please. <.<;;;

++ Final note: Although these are the "set roles" made by the mods, there is nothing to prevent players from RPing in between groups (or with those outside of the four genin teams). Just comment in the appropriate post, and make sure to indicate the time and place in the comment, so the other RPer will know how to fit in. (sample subject - "[Location: Mid afternoon at the Academy]" - this can be as specific as you want) We want to encourage this, so... I'll make it a requirement that you need to comment in one additional post outside of your own team. ^-^;; *ish mean like that*
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