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[MOD POST: Contact Information]

Since lots of RPers have been giving out or requesting contact info, I thought we'd gather everyone's here... comment in the following format and I'll update the post with your details. And if any of this changes, just notify me again about it.

Name/Alias: Sicil (bronzejarith)
Character: Hatake Kakashi (ecchi_copynin)
Email: ecchi.shinobi[at]gmail.com
MSN: sicil[at]myway.com
(add additional chat id's if desired)
Time Zone: Pacific Standard

Name/Alias: Emily (avande)
Character: Yakushi Kabuto (_shinkon)
Email: vazavati@gmail.com
AIM: finalsoliloquy
Time Zone: Pacific Standard

Name/Alias: Shelley (goruden_kombi)
Character: Jiraiya (mie_no_jutsu)
E-mail: icha_icha_paradaisu@hotmail.com
MSN: catimou@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: catimou
Time Zone: Mountain Standard

Name/Alias: Paz (shutupitsnaruto)
Character: Uzumaki Naruto (mirai_no_hokage)
E-mail: hyper_naruto@hotmail.com
MSN: hyper_naruto@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: naruto_remixed
AIM: TheFourthsLegacy
Time Zone: Mountian Standard

Name/Alias: Gabbie (supergabbie)
Character: Akimichi Chouji (_chouji)
Email: gabrielagross@earthlink.net OR squeeshmee3@yahoo.com
AIM: squeeshmee3
Time Zone: Pacific Standard

Name/Alias: Meg (scrabble_fairy)
Character: Tenten (heaven_panda)
Email: heaven_panda@hotmail.com
MSN: heaven_panda@hormail.com
Time Zone: Eastern, USA

Name/Alias: Karen (snarkymonkey)
Character: Umino Iruka (chuunin_iruka)
Email: wootankus[at]yahoo.com
MSN: wootankus[at]yahoo.com
AIM: snarkmonk
Time Zone: Pacific Standard
Tags: contacts
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