Umino Iruka (chuunin_iruka) wrote in real_naruto,
Umino Iruka

[MOD Post: Reminder/Mini-update]

Hello all! *waves* Just a brief word or two for the moment. We have three additional players taking a brief leave of absence for various reasons: ecchi_copynin, mie_no_jutsu and __ishiteru. This is in addition to kaleidoscopis and iridescentpetal. They'll be back but for the moment, they won't be able to RP as often or at all for a short time. So, with that in mind, the rest of us will have to make do. =3

Also, we haven't seen a post for the Naruto + Shikamaru section of the RP. Remember, the two of you are to be guiding dignitaries around. So, if either one of you are having troubles with the post, please let the mods know and we'll do what we can to help. Shikamaru! Where are you! There hasn't been activity from you for a while!

If there are any questions, drop a comment and I'll see that they're taken care of. In the meantime, those of us still here, let's get to RPing! /freakish enthusiasm

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