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Parent-Sensei Conferences
Around 9:15 or so

How the notoriously rambunctious grandson of the Hokage had managed to knock over an entire shelf of scrolls, he hadn't seen; he'd been out fulfilling his oh-so-difficult duties, and returned to find Sakura looking as if she'd very much like to swear, but instead settling for an overall show of frustration and panic. Whatever the circumstances, such a trivial thing hardly mattered. No need to bother considering all the petty ramifications of Konohamaru's actions. Only people like Umino Iruka cared about things like that.

The shelf whose contents were now covering the floor had not been the one containing the students' files, so he'd helpfully offered to clean up while she continued distributing them. She'd thrown him a rather odd look as she left, no doubt wondering why anyone would volunteer to do something so banal as cleaning, but for the present that was of no consequence.

Haruno Sakura. There was a reason behind this, after all. Thank you, Konohamaru. He glanced at the pink-haired genin's file, storing away the information to add to his collection later. She herself was unremarkable, really. Typical young kunoichi of no real distinction. But any connection to the Uchiha made her vaguely worth considering...as far as Kabuto could tell, Sasuke didn't retun any of Sakura's energy-wasting devotion, but he knew from observation there was still some connection. The flaw in the three-person system. In a village like Sound, the sole purpose of a team was so that if one failed, the others could carry on the mission and achieve it. But here, there were all these ridiculous notions of teamwork and bonds and other such things. Friends, soldiers, comrades-in-arms. Ha. He could care less if Misumi and Yoroi met their untimely ends two months or two minutes from now, except for the inconveniences it would cause in the plan, but these so-called fighters of the Leaf would react somewhat differently. That was certain.

Amazing, really. The effect of loss on people like this--he'd seen it before, in a different context. It was hard not to when you spent a lot of time with Orochimaru-sama in the hold of his own power; testing, exulting, intoxicated by the possibility.

It would be interesting to see these specific individuals experiencing that, or to know when they had.

Pain could be the key to getting someone to do what you wanted; it could also be the key unlocking vast amounts of power. Balancing both was tricky, but Orochimaru-sama had perfected it into an art.

Going off on tangents again. There was something about the contrast between what he was and what he was pretending to be that made him lose his concentration.

Haruno Sakura could be useful in making Uchiha understand certain things, but that was thinking too far ahead. Best to keep certain ideas in the back of his mind for now, and consider them later.

Mm-hmm. He scanned several other files--the genin who were present at the conference tonight, jounin like Shiranui Genma that seemed worth noting, some randomly seen others to get an idea of the variety. The last two he looked over were the most important, although the first held no information that he did not know. Uchiha Sasuke. ...He knew about the Uchiha. He knew quite a lot about the Uchiha. The last he paused before looking at, but nonetheless picked up, if only for a few seconds. Uzumaki Naruto... Stay away from the fox, that's what Orochimaru-sama had said, but then again he knew what Orochimaru thought of anything touching Akatsuki. Uzumaki might influence Sasuke-kun. He'd definitely have to observe that, and also the Kyuubi-vessel in his own right. Too interesting, too historically important, too dangerous not to take note of. This really was becoming quite a productive evening...

...He'd looked for Hatake Kakashi's file, but with no success as of yet.

"This is going to take forever," he said aloud, not entirely sure what he was referring to. Eyeing the only slightly diminished chaos of the room, he went back to doing what he'd said he'd do--for the moment.
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