Umino Iruka (chuunin_iruka) wrote in real_naruto,
Umino Iruka


[OOC: Must. Keep. Comm. Alive.]

It was nothing more than general unease.

At least, that was what Iruka kept telling himself. The tension, however, never let up. He felt as though things were close to slipping out of his control as the night wore on. He glanced at the clock over his shoulder to read the clock. Nearly ten. The conference was close to over; just a few parents milling about.

He hadn't seen Kakashi much either. That he took as a good sign. The jounin likely wouldn't stay away if someting truly horrible were about to happen. He itched to leave the conference just the same. Other than a brief check-up on TenTen and Sasuke, he hadn't ventured outside the entire night.

He needed to find something to distract his mind for the next hour. He wouldn't make it to the end if he let his thoughts run rampant like this.

"Maybe if I search out the Hokage. Maybe he knows something." Iruka frowned. Worth a shot. He slipped out the door and ventured down the hallway, passing slowly by the scroll room where he had left Kabuto only an hour or so ago.

He might be bored as well. Perhaps I'll take him along.
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