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Welcome the the "real" Naruto RPG. This community is moderated by bronzejarith and snarkymonkey so if you have any questions, by all means send them our way. =3 And yes, we do realize there are other RPGs involving the Naruto world but we wanted to create one of our own without sacrificing the "character" of the place. Plus, we just want to own something. XD


Hatake Kakashi -- ecchi_copynin (played by bronzejarith)
Umino Iruka -- chuunin_iruka (played by snarkymonkey)
Shiranui Genma -- shiranui_san (played by chrystal_blue)
Yamanaka Ino -- iridescentpetal (played by tokyoghoststory)
Uchiha Itachi -- kaleidoscopis (played by islecia)
Uchiha Sasuke -- crimson_prodigy (played by shadedfaith)
Jiraiya -- mie_no_jutsu (played by goruden_kombi)
Nara Shikamaru -- _lazynin (played by wrekar)
Akimichi Chouji -- _chouji (played by supergabbie)
Uzumaki Naruto -- mirai_no_hokage (played by shutupitsnaruto)
Haruno Sakura -- __ishiteru (played by secretgame)
Ten-Ten -- heaven_panda (played by scrabble_fairy)
Yakushi Kabuto -- _shinkon (played by avande)

All others are still available. [Join Us!]

1. Post IC (in character). It's RPG for a reason, people.
2. Be aware of your character. Don't have Sasuke spazz about jazz shoes just because you think it might be funny. Trust us, it isn't.
3. No unnecessary Original Characters. No need to explain why.
4. No unnecessary character bashing. Naruto hates Sasuke but uses that as a motivator. He does not randomly spew "U suxx0rz!!" There should be a reason behind any negative sentiment between characters.
5. Be aware in general. Keep up on the previous posts and make your post correspond with them. Keep it lacking in contradiction. After all, Sasuke shouldn't be having tea with Kakashi in Konoha when the most recent post listed him as infiltrating the Hidden Mist village.
6. Don't become a power-mad megalomaniac. Sure, we all want to be top dog but it just won't work in this RPG. Kakashi has his strengths as does Lee. Play to them. Don't just up and decide that Konohamaru is suddenly whipping everyone's asses. Let's be somewhat realistic, shall we? ;)
7. Pairings. They are encouraged, however, not everyone will follow with this ideal. If you wish to pair your character off with someone, it might be a good idea to chat with the player outside the RPG first to make certain everything runs smoothly. But then again, unrequited love has it's share of fun as well. =3
8. Take the time. Spell check and grammar check. We can't stress that enough.
9. Most of all, have fun. We've created this RPG because we're fans of the world of Naruto. So let's enjoy what's there, shall we?

Still here? Good, we've scared off all the teenyboppers and power-mongrels. *silence* And everyone else, it seems like. Anyway, if you're still with us, and still interested in joining for REAL (fear our punnage!), then find out how to join the community.

For those OOC comments you just have to make, head over to ooc_real_naruto. Once again, it's moderated so you merely need to express your wish to join and we'll give you the go ahead. =3

The default icon was created by wanderingscribe because she's cool like that. =3